Nic Coers established Coers Diesel Performance and Repair in 2005 to meet the growing demand for diesel repair and performance services in Central Illinois. Now, over a decade down the road, we continue to serve Emden area diesel drivers, plus we provide general auto repair, truck repair, and equipment repair, all with a focus on quality and value. At Coers, we strive to maintain a family atmosphere with both our employees and our customers, so the warmth you feel in our shop isn’t just from high-powered engines. It also comes from our goodwill and camaraderie.


Nic started Coers Diesel Performance & Repair after working for a year at Caterpillar as a test technician in the engine research and development department. He found he didn't care for the corporate work environment, so he began working for a neighboring big truck shop that allowed Nic to use the facility to start his own business. Nic spent the next couple years remodeling a building and slowly growing his customer base. Coers has now bought the neighboring shop and continues to grow.

“As a shop owner, I love being my own boss and making customers happy. It’s a big responsibility that I take seriously and enjoy having.” - Nic Coers, Owner

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