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Meet Emden’s Diesel Performance & Auto Service

Nic Coers established Coers Diesel Performance and Repair in 2005 to meet the growing demand for diesel repair and performance services in Central Illinois. Now, over a decade down the road, we continue to serve Emden area diesel drivers, plus we provide general auto repair, truck repair, and equipment repair, all with a focus on quality and value. At Coers, we strive to maintain a family atmosphere with both our employees and our customers, so the warmth you feel in our shop isn’t just from high-powered engines. It also comes from our goodwill and camaraderie.

Nic's Story

Nic started Coers Diesel Performance & Repair after working for a year at Caterpillar as a test technician in the engine research and development department. He found he didn't care for the corporate work environment, so he began working for a neighboring big truck shop that allowed Nic to use the facility to start his own business. Nic spent the next couple years remodeling a building and slowly growing his customer base. Coers has now bought the neighboring shop and continues to grow.

“As a shop owner, I love being my own boss and making customers happy. It’s a big responsibility that I take seriously and enjoy having.” - Nic Coers, Owner

Truck & Diesel Repair in Emden - Coers

Get to Know Our Truck Repair & Auto Service Team

  • Mike Kavenaugh
    Mike KavenaughService Manager

    Our service manager, Mike, joined the Coers Diesel Performance & Repair team in July of 2016. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to auto and truck repair, and he’s simply easy to get along with. Having worked in the automotive industry since 1974, he can do about everything around the shop, but Mike’s primary position is taking care of customers and managing the front office. 

  • Nic Alberts
    Nic AlbertsPart-Time Technician

    Nic has worked off and on for Coers Diesel Performance & Repair for over five years.  He is a full-time farmer but enjoys helping us out two to three days a week in the off seasons. Nic is very handy and willing to work on just about any vehicle or equipment we give to him.  


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